Allo Allo Hire Set

The Set

This is a box set with additional trucks for the German offices, Cinema Seats, Larder and Bedroom scenes. The set features a secret door in the front of the counter and opening clock face to hide the airmen. Some furniture is included.

Included In Your Hire

  • Stage Right Flats with Door and Cafe Window

  • Upstage Flats with Stairs to Bedroom

  • Stage Left Flats with Door to Kitchen and Bar Shelves

  • Bar with Secret Panel for Airmen

  • Masking Flats Behind Window

  • Pantry Truck Reversible to Herr Flick’s Room

  • German HQ Truck Reversible to Cafe Bed


  • Piano

  • 4 x Cafe Tables

  • Clock to Reveal Airmen


Set plan available upon enquiry.

Suitable For

Small to medium size venues.