Our HoUSE Hire Set

The Set

Our ‘Our House’ set it is simple to put up for small to medium venues and particularly tailored to schools and colleges. The set has been designed around a number of revolving doors that easily rotate from black to white. The centre of the set opens up to form the inside of the house and other key locations which can be achieved to great effect with projection. This set includes nine desks on casters perfect for some dynamic choreography. Also included is a scaled down Morris type car for the iconic number ‘Driving in My Car’.

Included In Your Hire

  • 8 x School Desks on Casters

  • Car

  • Signs for the Car Wash

  • Table and 2 x Chairs for the Pub

  • Tall Nightclub Table

  • Nile River Style Boat

  • 4 x Brick Wall Masking Flats


The set measures 3.5m high x 7.32m wide x 1.5m depth. Masking flats are 3.5m high.

Set plan available upon enquiry.

Suitable For

Small to medium size venues.