The Wizard of Oz Hire Set

The Set

Our Wizard of Oz set consists of 8 periactoids (three sided revolving trucks) which create all the scenes in the show with easy scene changes. 

It’s supplied with reversible truck that has Dorothy's bedroom on one side and the professor’s wagon on the other. 

Also included are prison bars on casters for the witch’s castle and a wizard’s chamber truck.

It has been designed specifically for schools but is equally suited to multiple performance spaces. It’s very quick to assemble, simple to use and suitable for cast and crew of all ages.

Included In Your Hire

  • 8 x Periactoids (3 Sided Revolving Trucks)

  • 2 Sided Truck with Dorothy’s Bedroom / Professor’s Wagon

  • Wizard’s Chamber Truck

  • Prison Bars on Casters


The trucks are up to 3.2m high. Masking flats are 4m high (if height is an issue, let us know and we may be able to offer an alternative to the masking flats).

Set plan available upon enquiry.

Suitable For

Small to medium size venues.