Guys and Dolls Hire Set

The Set

Our eye-catching Guys and Dolls set has been designed to be very adaptable and is suitable for most venues.

All the main set elements are trucked and the six masking flats have two height settings. The signs are flown and are all illuminated. Other options are available if you do not have flying facilities.

Included In Your Hire

  • 9 Flown Illuminated Signs

  • 6 Free Standing Masking Flats

  • Brick Wall Gauze

  • Reversible Mission Truck (Inside/Outside)

  • Large Sewer Truck

  • Small Sewer Truck

  • Havana Truck

  • Hot Box Truck

  • Newsstand


The trucks are up to 3.2m high. Masking flats are 4m high (if height is an issue, let us know and we may be able to offer an alternative to the masking flats).

Set plan available upon enquiry.

Suitable For

Small to medium size venues.